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The 'installation' of DECIDE is extremely simple, and NO change at all is required on your system (the Windows registry is NOT used), no files are copied nor changed whatsoever.

The file named "DECIDE.zip" contains a self decrypting PGP file. You can verify its integrity by checking its PGP signature.

When clicking of this file, you will be asked for a password. If the password is correct, you will get 4 new files in the same directory.

The file decide.dll must reside in a directory on your system where it can be found by your applications. The easiest way to do so is to copy it to your 'c:\windows\system' directory.

The other files can be copied wherever you like.

To test if everything works OK :

  • copy decide.dll in your Windows/system directory
  • run decide.exe : you should get no error message
  • open decide.xls (with Excel of course)
  • run SpatialGaia.exe when you have data ready to be displayed graphically

If you develop, link decide.dll with your own applications.

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