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Decision Aid for everyone

Copyright (c) 1998-2017 Christophe DAVID. All rights reserved.

I distributed the DECIDE library for free, and provided free support for many years. As several teachers used it for their classes, the workload for support became too high for the time I could devote to this project.

Therefore, DECIDE is no longer distributed for free and no more support is provided for new users.

I am prepared to consider making DECIDE open source and creating a sourceforge project. If you are really interested in actually maintaining it and continuing its development, just convince me ;-)

I suggest you have a look at the Files section, where you will find concrete examples of some functions provided by DECIDE. They require less programming knowledge than DECIDE itself and might let you focus on the decision aspects instead of the programming issues.

In particular, some of the functions of the DECIDE library are now available for Scilab, either individually or part as a more complete "Decision Aid toolbox": see DECIDE for Scilab.

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