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DECIDE reference


short DECIDE_Gaia(

    * struct_GAIAdata * GaiaData)

Compute the GAIA data for the last problem resolved with one of the Promethee methods.

GaiaData is a pointer to a structure of type struct_GaiaData, declared as

struct struct_GAIAdata { unsigned int uiCriteriaCount; unsigned int uiActionsCount; short shDelta; struct struct_GAIAcoord astruCoordinates[uiCriteriaCount]; struct struct_GAIAcoord astruWeigths[uiCriteriaCount]; struct struct_GAIAcoord astruActions [uiActionsCount]; struct struct_GAIAcoord struDecisionStick; };


struct struct_GAIAcoord { float flXCoordinate; float flYCoordinate; float flZCoordinate; char *szObjectName; };

GaiaData should be passed to DECIDE as a NULL pointer. shDelta must be between 0 and 100.

If the function completes successfully, it will return 0, and GaiaData will point to a structure of type struct_GaiaData.

return value :

    * 0 : completed successfully
    * 100 : no data is available (no problem solved using one of the Promethee methods since decide.dll is loaded in memory) - GaiaData is set to NULL.

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