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What is DECIDE ?

DECIDE is a program that helps you to take decisions.

More accurately, DECIDE is a library of portable functions made available, amongst others, as a Dynamic Link Library (.dll) that can be used under the 32 bits Windows environments.

DECIDE proposes functions that can be useful in the context of decision making, including several well known decision aid methods, from Borda and Condorcet to Electre and Promethee, as well as classical algorithms used in operational research.

The Windows DECIDE library can be called from any program capable of using functions from Dynamic Link Libraries (i.e. virtually any current programming language and most of the applications that feature some programming environment, including popular spreadsheet programs like Microsoft Excel).

The DECIDE package includes a Microsoft Excel workbook with Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) code that demonstrates how you can use the DECIDE functions.

A wizard is even supplied to create decision aidworksheets automatically (See an Excel sheet generated by the Promethee wizard).

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