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Decision Aid methods can be used in a very large variety of areas.

Before DECIDE, the only readily available computer tools implementing the best known Decision Aid methods were specialised packages that could not be linked directly with other programs.

In many cases, the data used as input for these packages were computed with spreadsheets programs like Microsoft Excel, and needed to be transferred somehow. This was at least inconvenient, at often totally impractical.

DECIDE.DLL is an answer: by offering decision aid related functions in a Dynamic Link Library, DECIDE allows these methods to be used directly from a spreadsheet, or from any other program that can use DLL's.

This also allows new software developments to integrate decision aid methods very easily.

Furthermore, all DECIDE functions are coded in plain ANSI C, in order to be portable to any platform than can run ANSI C code. This means that the functions can not only be used on a Personal Computer environment, but also on mainframes or dedicated systems (navigation systems, robots, etc.).

Of course, the "interface" functions are specific to each platform, but the core of the code can be ported to virtually anything that can run compiled ANSI C code. Please contact Christophe DAVID? for further developments.

Why Microsoft Excel as user interface for the DECIDE demonstration ?

On the PC, Microsoft Excel offers an excellent user interface for DECIDE:

  • very common : no new environment to learn
  • easy and powerful programming language (Visual Basic for Applications (VBA)
  • access to a set of programmable objects
  • support for OLE objects
  • support for ODBC

Remember that the use of Excel is only for demonstration, and that DECIDE can be used with any package that can use a Dynamic Linked Library, including your own developments in most programming languages and on most platforms.

Beta testing and distribution:

DECIDE is currently in its development phase, and the beta versions are available for the interested persons, as long as they strictly comply with the terms of the licence agreement.

The latest distribution archive (PGP encrypted self extracting archive) asks for a password, which is FREE, but must be asked by email to Christophe DAVID?.

'software protection'

It is quite easy for a reasonably skilled programmer to "break" registration routines on a PC : just see how many cracks are available for most of the "protected" software.

As it seems more sensible to spend time to add features to DECIDE than to develop advanced protection schemas, DECIDE is not crippled nor limited in any way, but may stop working after a few months in order to force the users to use the latest version.

If you wish to use DECIDE beyond the terms of the licence agreement, please contact Christophe DAVID?.

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